I have run a recording studio for over 15 years. Its what helped me survive graduate school. Back in 1998 along with Danyael Williams, I founded Dreamcatcher Studios. We began with the idea that by helping other bands and musicians like us, we would learn our gear faster than if we only worked on our own music. The idea obviously caught on because within two years we became so busy producing records and running concert and DJ-mixer rave webcasts (as Studiocam.org) that I almost had to quit grad school. Over the next 8 years we did exactly that to the detriment of our own music. It was an amazing experience, however, and it taught me  everything I know about lights, sound, and camera for both live and studio sessions. For those interested (or a jog down memory lane), here are archived versions of both the Studiocam.org and Dreamcatcher Studios sites:

Dreamcatcher Studios (coming soon)

Studiocam.org (coming soon)

As time has gone on, my little studio has expanded to become a full production video-post/audio facility. The name has changed to "The Studio at Heart Hill" and my partner is now my husband Kent Skov, who owns the L.A. Connection Comedy Theatre in Sherman Oaks. We are currently producing several made for TV comedy pilots as well as producing my Space Weather weekly forecasts. I'll post more info on these (including links to video excerpts) when I can.

For those who remember my bands Grumbletummy and Spiral=3, yes, I still do music, but much more slowly. You can hear instrumentals of my songs playing under my Space Weather forecast videos.